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'X-Men: First Class' is an Instant Hit!

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If you lost hope on the 'X-Men' franchise after the last few movies, when I can assure you that the latest installment of 'X-Men' is well worth you time.


Words to describe 'X-Men: First Class': Fantastic, Shall not be missed, Greatest 'X-Men' Movie to date, One of the Top Action Movies of the Summer!


Did you ever wonder why Magneto wears a helmet? Did you ever wonder why Professor Xavier was in a wheelchair? Did you ever wonder how Beast's mutation developed? Did you ever wonder why Mystique is on Magneto's side? You can find the answers to this and more, when you watch the movie!


The movie covers a lot of background history of how mutants united together and soon parted ways. Magneto wanted revenge and that soon took over his way of seeing things. Professor Xavier has always been interested in helping mutants develop their powers. Professor Xavier saw it as a gift. Magneto saw it as a weapon to rise above humanity.


The casting was absolutely superb. James McAvoy was excellent in his portrayal of Professor Charles Xavier. Michael Fassbender brought so much life into his character of Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence did a wonderful job in her portrayal of Raven/Mystique.


Things to look out for: There are two special cameos in the film, so be on the look-out!


Overall, I loved the film. Did I like it more than the previous films? Surprisingly, Yes! I honestly think that if this prequel had been made before the other three movies, Marvel would have had an even more sucessful franchise. With this movie you see so much history of all the characters and how they developed. This is a great chance to see them in action when they were once young. I truly hope there sequel to this because it will definetly leave you wanting more!

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