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Top 10 Movies That Made Me Cry

Filed under: Friday Night Movies, Movies / Tags: Spider-Man 3, Charlotte's Web, The Killing of John Lennon, Man on Fire, Friday Night Movies, lion king, Romeo + Juliet, 13 going on 30, 2012, Marley & Me, selena

1. Man on Fire

Tearful Scene: The final scene. Creasy exchanges his life for Pita's life.

  • Every time I watch that particular scene, I get overwhelmed with sadness.

2. The Killing of John Lennon

Tearful Scene: Mark Chapman murders John Lennon.

  • The second it happened, I could not stop crying until it was over. My mom suggested I stop watching it, but I couldn't look away.

3. 13 Going on 30

Tearful Scene: Jenna is on a train and is going back home, to visit her parents (Billy Joel's song, "Vienna", plays during this scene).

  • The song is perfect for the scene. We see that Jenna neglected her parents and lost so many years of their company. The song makes me think of the future. Life goes by fast and like Billy Joel said in his song: "Slow Down, you crazy child / and take the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile / it's all right, you can afford to lose a day or two / When will you realize,..Vienna waits for you?". *

4. Marley & Me

Tearful Scene: As Marley grew older, he became ill. To make him stop suffering, he had to be put down.

  • While I was watching this scene, my dog BJ was sitting next to me. It's hard to watch when you know that your dog will grow old someday.

5. Lion King

Tearful Scene: Mufasa dies.

  • I watched this movie when I was really young. Seeing Simba lose his father at a young age, was depressing.

6. Charlotte's Web

Tearful Scene: Charlotte dies.

  • I read the book as a kid, but when I saw the actual movie, it made me tear up. There is a difference between reading the scene, and actually seeing the scene play out right before your eyes.

7. 2012

Tearful Scene: The final scene. The world is restored and the human race inhabits it.

  • I thought it was a beautiful scene. Obviously, no one knows when the world is going to end, but the final scene showed hope, for future generations.

8. Spider-Man 3

Tearful Scene: Harry Osborn dies.

  • I'm a huge Spider-Man Fan and I did not like seeing Harry die. He's a main character AND he's Peter's friend. I am glad they reunited to save Mary Jane though.

9. Selena

Tearful Scene: Her final song.

  • When the final song she sang played, my feelings were "Wow (tears included)". She was young and had a life & Career ahead of her.

10. Romeo + Juliet

Tearful Scene: Romeo & Juliet die.

  • I knew everything was going to lead up to their death; the scene really draws you in.


* "Vienna" lyrics belong to Billy Joel & Sony Music Entertainment. No copyright infringement intended.

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